Data-Driven Insights from 20+ European Marketplaces
The sole solution of its kind on the market. We work with more than 20 marketplaces in Europe to provide insights and valuable information that helps you sell more.
Explore the depths of market trends with
World e-Com
We provide detailed and actionable analysis for top European marketplace* that helps businesses understand competitive dynamics, consumer preferences, and emerging trends. Specialising in European closed platforms, we deliver customised reports that guide strategic decisions and foster market leadership. This category analysis is not matched by any marketplace reporting or anything else offered on the market.

* including Zalando, Kaufland, Otto, Cdiscount, eMag, and many others
Our Services
Market Analysis Reports
Get in-depth reports covering product categorization, pricing strategies, stock levels, promotional analysis, and much more. Perfect for retailers and brands aiming to optimize their marketplace strategies.

Consulting and Strategy
Leverage our expertise to refine your marketplace approach, tailor your product offerings, and enhance your market positioning.
Top 3 Reasons to Choose Us
  • -1-
    Credibility and Experience

    With over 7 years in business analytics, we’ve empowered 100+ clients to navigate complex marketplace space successfully.

  • -2-
    Customized Solutions

    Each report is tailored to the unique needs and challenges of your business, ensuring relevant and actionable insights.

  • -3-
    Advanced Analytical Tools

    Utilizing the latest in data science and analytics technologies, we provide precise and up-to-date market analysis.

Choose Your Plan
One-Time Analysis Options
Starter Plan
  • 1 category
  • 1 marketplace included
  • One-time (current situation)
  • Recommended for first-time analysis
Executive plan
  • Up to 25 categories
  • Up to 3 marketplaces
  • Advanced historic + written analysis
  • Recommended for strategic, detailed input
Enterprise Plan

Price Upon
  • Request

Tailored to your specific business needs
  • Tailored to needs
  • Custom (as required)
  • Recommended for specific, complex needs
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Monthly Analysis Subscriptions
Pro Monthly
— Analysis across 6 categories.
— Marketplaces: up to 3 included.
— Full access to all available data.
— Timeline: ongoing historic analysis.
— Recommended for businesses seeking regular, comprehensive market updates.
Per month
Executive Monthly
— Detailed reports for 15 categories each month.
— Marketplaces: multiple included.
— Full access to all available data, including detailed historic datasets.
— Continuous historic analysis plus written insights.
— Recommended for organizations needing in-depth, consistent insights for strategic decision-making.
Per month
Enterprise Monthly
— Custom reports tailored to specific business needs.
— Marketplaces: Custom number included.
— Customized data access.
— Custom analysis timelines to match specific project requirements.
— Recommended for enterprises seeking a tailored approach to gain comprehensive insights at scale.

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  • Partnering with World e-Com has revolutionised our approach on e-com side of thing. Their precise market analysis and tailored strategies increased our visibility and sales dramatically. It's incredible how detailed insights led to such measurable improvements. Highly recommend their services to anyone!
    Emma Schröder
  • Quick results and solid advice. Very satisfied with their marketplace strategy: their detailed reports have significantly improved our market strategy, leading to a noticeable increase in customer engagement and sales.
    Javier Moreno