Opening of an e-commerce
accelerator in Izhevsk
On August 5, the representative of the World e-Com company Yegor Yaroshenko spoke at the opening of the e-commerce accelerator in Izhevsk

The Russian export Center can compensate 100% of the company's expenses.
Please contact us for accurate information on state co-financing.
The status of an accredited partner of the Russian Export Center (REC) allows us to provide Russian manufacturers with broader opportunities to export their products to the countries of the European Single Market and the CIS countries, using the tools and potential of the REC.

The RIC, together with the regional Export Support Centers (CES), finance the costs of placing and promoting goods or other services to Russian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on export-oriented electronic trading platforms. The maximum amount of support is 1 million rubles.
Working with us, exporters will be able to receive subsidies and co-financing of the costs of organizing export activities, including:
- product certification;
- transportation of goods (to the border of the Russian Federation);
- participation in exhibition events;
- registration of a trademark;
- patenting of products in the national patent office of the importing country;
- covering logistics costs on the territory of the European Single Market;
- coverage of fulfillment costs on the territory of the European Single Market.
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