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U.S. marketplaces part 2

Amazon has >2 billion dedications in America alone per month, which shows that the company is simply in a different league compared to its competitors.

The 690 million hits on eBay per month, puts the company in second place. Amazon is way ahead, even with eBay being a pure play marketplace, while Amazon's marketplace accounts for 55% of total sales.

Next on the list is retailer Walmart. Walmart's e-commerce business revived after its purchase of, and after years of neglect, Walmart's marketplace is now growing rapidly.

Target's online "Plus" market is relatively small and heavily closed and is not a significant growth driver.

What the U.S. market does have is great strength in depth, with successful online marketplaces in various niche categories. Etsy is a powerful marketplace built on the rather unlikely category of handmade crafts, Wayfair sells furniture and home goods, Newegg specializes in video games, Poshmark is a consumer fashion marketplace, and GunBroker, Reverb, TheRealReal and many others.

Small marketplaces often struggle to gain traction in other parts of the world, but in the U.S., niche focus seems to help companies build a loyal customer base rather than prevent them from gaining the critical mass of buyers and sellers necessary for all marketplaces to function.

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