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The number of Shopify stores grew by 200%

Between March 2020 and January 2022, the number of stores on Shopify grew by 201.53%.

2.5 million new stores

The e-commerce platform Shopify is a well-known platform for entrepreneurs who want to launch their own online store. Genus AI research shows that between March 2020 and January 2022, many entrepreneurs found their way to Shopify as the number of live online stores grew by 201.53 percent. The platform added 2,594,798 new online stores in less than two years.

From March 2020 to January 2022, the number of online stores on Shopify grew by 201.53 percent.

This strong growth can be attributed to crowning measures introduced in most European countries, including store closures. As offline stores were forced to close, businesses had to find other ways to increase revenue.

Shopify customers by country

Most of Shopify's customers are based in the United States. In January 2022, the platform had 2,666,627 online stores from the U.S., a 178.53 percent increase from March 2020 (957,393 online stores at that time). The number of European online stores on Shopify has also increased significantly. Currently, 156,466 online stores from the U.K. are on Shopify, an increase of 218.81 percent. It is followed by France with 59,590 stores and a growth of 320.85 percent.

Germany, however, had the strongest customer growth at 480.18 percent. There are now 78,638 online stores from Germany on the platform, compared to 13,554 in March 2020.

Mostly small businesses.

According to Genus AI, most of the newly added sites on Shopify consist of smaller players who are not ready to compete with e-commerce giants like Amazon. These smaller companies focus on customer satisfaction, safe and user-friendly websites to get higher rankings. This makes it easier to retain a large customer base and helps them compete with the bigger players.

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