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Hidden Possibilities of World Marketplaces or How to "Improve" Your Product to a Top Product Rating: Perm Export Support Center Launches a Series of Online Seminars

Первый обучающий вебинар состоялся в этот вторник, 9 ноября. Темой для старта выбрали «Маркетплейсы 2021 – новые возможности. Европейские закрытые площадки против Wildberries и Ozon». Онлайн-семинар прошел среди предпринимателей, которые уже работают, либо хотят выходить со своими товарами на российские маркетплейсы. Встреча прошла по инициативе Центра поддержки экспорта Пермского края и тренеров компании World e-Com.
Marketplaces are one of the most actively developing ways to develop a business. Internet marketplaces have a lot of high-quality traffic and "hot" buyers, who, according to experts, come with the goal of buying goods. Today, marketplaces account for half of all online purchases in the world. The Business Wire predicts international B2C e-commerce sales will reach $1 trillion by 2022, thanks to the accelerated development of marketplaces.

"Working with marketplaces is a sought-after skill that will come in handy for entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to start a career in e-commerce. But often those starting out in e-commerce do not know where to start working on a marketplace, what logistical scheme to choose, how to properly start a product card and pass moderation on an electronic platform. Egor Yaroshenko, business trainer at World e-Com, said: "Together with the Perm Region Export Support Center, we will help business to develop in this direction.

The trainers of the first webinar were Yegor Yaroshenko and Alexandra Deduchenko from World e-Com. For an hour of fruitful work with the audience was able to discuss six topics:

- How to set up a sales funnel and Customer Journey Map (CJM) to get better sales results on European and Russian marketplaces;

- How Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or search engine optimization works on Russian and foreign marketplaces;

- Which advertising functions exist on marketplaces and how they affect sales;

- What approaches will be effective on Russian Marketplace sites and will not work on foreign sites (and vice versa)?

- what additional resources do European closed marketplaces have over open ones?

- How to choose the best mechanism for working with closed marketplaces to avoid additional costs and pitfalls?

At the end of the webinar speakers shared their own experience.

"The topic of entering European marketplaces is very relevant for us. That's why it was useful to get recommendations on how to choose the right marketplace. Information on working with Russian marketplaces is also interesting, thanks to the experts for the know-how to promote the card to the first pages. It would be great to learn a step-by-step plan for entering marketplaces in Europe," shared Ilya Budnikov, head of the "Svod Ceramika" workshop.

The next topics of the online meetings will be: the basics of trading on the marketplaces, creating a strong product line, financial planning, high-quality advertising setup, increasing store profits and working off the negative.

The online seminar series will be held by appointment, on-site at ZOOM. Registration is required to attend, the link to which can be found in the announcement on the eve of the event. It should also be noted that all seminars will be recorded and sent to the e-mail address indicated during registration to ensure that every registered participant receives the information.

Information about planned events can be found on our official website or in social networks.


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As a reminder, Russian President Vladimir Putin has set a goal for the country to increase the volume of non-resource non-energy exports of Russia by 2024.

The development of exports of Perm Krai manufacturers within the framework of the national project "International Cooperation and Export" is one of the priorities of Dmitry Makhonin, the governor of Perm Krai, and the regional government. By the results of the first half of the year 2021, companies in the Perm region exported their products to a value of 3.4 billion dollars, which is 49.6% more than in 2020 (in the first half of 2020 the volume of exports was 2.2 billion dollars). Moreover, the volume of export deliveries for 6 months of this year exceeded the pre-pandemic indicators by 22.3%: in the first half of 2019 the volume of exports was 2.7 billion dollars. As part of the National Project, the Perm Territory is expected to increase the volume of non-resource non-energy exports to 7.69 billion dollars by 2024.