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Bol is the largest online retailer in the Netherlands was founded in 1999 by the German media company Bertelsmann and, like Allegro, has changed several owners over the years. In 2012, it was acquired by the Dutch-Belgian supermarket chain Ahold Delhaize and has remained part of the group ever since. began as a retailer selling its own merchandise and added an online marketplace in 2011. is actually a two-country shopping site, with 97% of its users in the Netherlands and Belgium. Although the combined population of these countries is only 29 million, has 76 million monthly visits from its 11 million active customers. Although the Netherlands and Belgium are small countries, they are rich countries with a high level of online shopping. claims that 35,000 businesses have sold items through the site, and 23 million items are available for purchase in categories such as books, music, electronics, toys, fashion, DIY and auto parts. It's a catalog-based marketplace, so sellers only need to provide the UPC and price offer if the items are already in the catalog. There is no monthly fee here, only a commission on items sold.

To sell on, the company must be registered in the Netherlands or Belgium, but there are service providers who can help sellers register without that. has its own delivery network, which sellers can use just like Amazon FBA.

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