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Spartoo: the European fashion market

Spartoo specializes in clothing and shoes, but also opens the following categories: jewelry, homewear and beauty.

Spartoo sells in 20 countries, including China.

1)They currently sell over 7,000 brands and more than 350,000 models. And, to the great variety, more customers.

2)Spartoo has their own FBA service, Toobone. Anyone who sells on marketplaces definitely knows how important and profitable it is to have storage and logistics services;

3)Number of shipments over 3 million parcels per year.

4)They are responsible for customer service in each country also they have advertising service.

In case of fraud, they take all risks and expenses.

Some features and important points to consider before you start trading on Spartoo.

1)First, the fact that they reach so many countries, but don't get too excited. The first thing you should know is that you should not start in another country until you have properly set up store in your own country.

 2)Next you should figure out which countries you are most interested in. The main countries where Spartoo sells the most are France, Italy and Spain. Germany might be ranked fourth, but as you know, there are a lot of returns in that country. So let's skip it and put Portugal in the next line.

 3)So, research which countries you should go into, depending on what kind of goods you have, their size and quantity and also how competitive your prices are, as you will have to bear high shipping costs.

 4)One more thing to keep in mind: you can start selling in all the countries you want, but for each country you have to take care of translating your product catalog by yourself. And a good translation is almost as important as a good product picture. How many customers will be lost because of poor translation quality?

 5) Spartoo has no advertising service except a couple of newsletters and nothing else so far.