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eBay in the US

eBay is the second most popular online marketplace in the U.S., with 689 million visits per month. The U.S. accounts for 41% of eBay's global traffic, only slightly more than Amazon's 38%.

eBay's Global Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) in 2020 will be $100 billion, hence the GMV in the US will be approximately $41 billion, assuming that sales are proportional to traffic levels.

eBay started in 1995, and its business grew rapidly during the early years of the general spread of the Internet and the dot-com boom. The company was popular in the financial markets because of its purely technological business model, which did not need physical inventory or expensive warehouses.

eBay's share of online retail sales in the U.S. is estimated at only 4.7 percent, far behind old rival Amazon, whose share is about 40 percent. All of eBay's early strengths now seem to be weaknesses, as the e-commerce pioneer is held back by outdated perceptions and a chaotic marketplace that resists attempts to standardize product information and provide consistent delivery and customer service.

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