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ePRICE - the Italian answer to MediaMarkt

Founded in Italy in 2000, ePRICE is a leading online retailer of high-tech products and appliances. In fiscal 2016, the company had sales of 231 million euros and more than 200 employees.

With the advent of universal e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, leading retailers in countries like Italy needed to not only protect market share in their home countries, but also find ways to grow both domestically and abroad. With millions of visitors each month, ePRICE is one of the biggest players in Italian retailing. The company wanted to capitalize on its strong web traffic and quickly offer visitors a wider range of products in one convenient place to shop.

ePRICE launched its marketplace in 2015 to effectively diversify its product portfolio and enable more profitable growth. With its marketplace, ePRICE now offers millions of new products to its customers without the burden of inventory, logistics and maintenance and overhead. The marketplace has allowed the Italian e-retailer to better meet the expectations of its customers by offering them a wide selection of products at competitive prices and convenient delivery methods.

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