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Ecosistant is expanding its consultation service to comply with new environmental laws in the EU.

Ecosistant, a consulting startup providing services for recycling compliance from Germany, offers additional guidelines for online fashion stores. The service is a response to the new recycling laws passed by the European Union. In addition to packaging materials and electronics, the company now advises on textile waste as well.

The German startup Compliance as a Service (CaaS) was founded last year and offers advice to online merchants in Europe. Their services are a direct response to the additional textile recycling laws passed by the European Union (EU). Currently, all member states will create separate collection and recycling schemes for textile waste by 2025. The goal is to improve circulation in the fashion industry.

New laws for textile waste.

In France, online retailers selling clothes, lingerie or shoes to end consumers already have to pay an environmental fee. E-commerce giant Amazon has announced that starting next January it will check whether retailers comply with French textile waste laws.

Sweden and the Netherlands are developing similar plans for so-called extended producer responsibility (ERP). Within two years, Dutch clothing manufacturers and retailers will be responsible for collecting and recycling their own products. These rules also apply to online retailers.

Новые требования к упаковке.

In addition to new laws for future textile waste, the EU plans to introduce new packaging laws later this year. These regulations will be aimed at reducing packaging material as well as increasing the recyclability of packaging.

According to Andreas Landes, managing director of Ecosistant, separate-waste laws in each country could make it difficult for European fashion retailers to deliver.

Расширенная служба для соответствия требованиям

Услуги Ecosistant теперь включает в себя текстильное законодательство в дополнение к законам об упаковке, электронике, батареях и мебели. Клиенты получают "всю важную информацию о соблюдении требований по утилизации в виде индивидуальных пошаговых инструкций", говорится в пресс-релизе. Согласно их веб-сайту, у компании были сотни клиентов с момента их запуска в 2020 году.

Управляющий директор Ландес: “До сих пор законы об утилизации текстильных изделий были актуальны только для интернет-магазинов, которые продают товары во Францию. Наш сервис позволяет владельцам магазинов оставаться в курсе событий без дополнительных исследований, когда мы находимся в ожидании, что  в ближайшие годы все больше стран будут применять эти правила”.