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Export tips for exporting to Europe

1️⃣ It is not only state institutions and large corporations that can export from Eastern Europe  to Europe - SMEs have excellent opportunities to obtain an increase in sales through exports. Given the size of SMEs, the only profitable export option is sales via marketplaces.

2️⃣ Big sales are only achievable on closed marketplaces. Open marketplaces such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon have great site traffic, but this comes with great competition. because any companies and even individuals can register seller accounts on these marketplaces, as there is no vetting process for individuals or conteragents and the brand approval process on them is a nominal process. On open marketplaces customers come to buy the cheapest goods, while on closed marketplaces customers come mostly for expensive, high-quality goods and are willing to overpay for these products.

3️⃣ It is not necessary to create legal entities in Europe in order to sell on European closed marketplaces. With effective legal work it is possible to have great sales on closed marketplaces.

4️⃣ The RRP (recommended retail price) of a unit of exported product is recommended from €30 to cover the cost of logistics for delivery to the end consumer.

5️⃣ For successful sales on closed marketplaces, it pays to have never-out-of-stock products, and it pays to have good product depth rather than product width. The depth of the product grid is more important than its width, because on European marketplaces the algorithm of the site's ribbon shows products with a larger stock higher in the ribbon than products with a smaller stock.