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EU signed a directive that will once again shake up the VAT landscape

Barely enough time for the dust to settle after all the Brexit-related changes, the EU is signing a directive that will once again shake up the VAT landscape. On July 01, 2021, the EU's VAT package for e-commerce goes into effect, bringing with it a series of sweeping changes for Amazon sellers.

Simplifying life with new OSS and IOSS schemes

The EU e-commerce VAT package also introduces brand new OSS and IOSS registration schemes. If your business is located in the EU or has an EU presence, such as a branch or office in the EU, you will be eligible to report remote sales of goods through OSS. This will allow you to file a single VAT return for all EU countries instead of the multiple returns you currently have to file. This option is not available if your business is located outside the EU and does not have a permanent establishment in the EU.

An import "one-stop store" is not needed for EU sales, since your goods will be in the EU at the point of sale.

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