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European online marketplaces

Domestic European marketplaces mostly sell goods in their own markets and sometimes in several neighboring countries. However, there are two European marketplaces (besides Zalando) with significant sales in several EU countries and another three U.S. marketplaces that sell across Europe.

The French marketplace ManoMano sells housewares to customers in France, Italy, Spain and Germany with a total of 26 million monthly visits in Europe. France is the largest, accounting for 49% of ManoMano's total traffic, Italy 23% and Spain 16%.

Spartoo, also a French company, sells clothing, shoes and accessories in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Greece and the Czech Republic, with 7.5 million monthly visits in Europe. Again, France accounts for 45% of Spartoo's total traffic, with the rest widely distributed throughout Europe.

Finally, U.S. marketplaces Etsy, Wish and Wayfair have a strong presence in Europe. Handmade shopping site Etsy has a total of 16 million monthly visits, impulse shopping site Wish has 15 million, and home improvement retailer Wayfair has 7 million.

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