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Mirakl's revenue for 2021 was 87 million euros

The company is currently valued at 3.1 billion euros. To support its growth, the company plans to hire 400 new employees this year. Mirakl is a French marketplace solutions provider that offers customers a SaaS solution for creating and managing marketplaces. 87 million euros came from paid subscriptions to the platform.

Business volume of 3.8 billion euros

In addition, the company attracted 80 new customers and created 66 new marketplaces in 2021. Some of these new customers are major players, such as Macy's in the United States. This explains the strong revenue growth.

'Mirakl achieved a 38% increase in business volume over last year.

The company's business volume was 3.8 billion euros, a 38 percent increase over last year. Last September, Mirakl raised 468 million euros. This financing brought the company's value to €3.06 billion, up 230 percent from a year earlier.

Growth of marketplaces.

The funds were used to expand Mirakl Connect's global marketplace ecosystem and to launch a dropshipping solution for its customers. The platform also improved its sales management and security features. "The year 2021 proved that the growth of the marketplace economy is unstoppable," said Philippe Corro, co-founder and CEO of Mirakl.

"There's no doubt that marketplaces will play an integral role in a business' e-commerce strategy.

"As we look ahead to 2022, there is no doubt that marketplaces will play an integral role in every business' e-commerce strategy."

1,700 new employees in 3 years

The platform plans to create more automated features for Mirakl customers. "We hired 350 people in 2021, a 75 percent increase in our team size, and we expect 400 hires in 2022. We now have 650 employees," said Florian Bressand, CEO of Mirakl. The company expects to hire 1,700 employees in the next three years to support its growth.

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