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Selling on Rakuten Ichiba: Japan's most popular marketplace

With more than 49,000 merchants, 115 million members and $37 billion in sales in 2019, Rakuten Ichiba is considered the most popular trading platform in Japan and one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world.

The Rakuten e-commerce platform, called Rakuten Ichiba, began life in 1997. It is an online platform that allows a wide range of sellers to sell their products in their own way. Rakuten Japan doesn't sell any merchandise itself - it's a pure third-party marketplace based on the idea that online shopping should be both engaging and highly personalized.

Since 2005, Rakuten has expanded internationally through acquisitions and joint ventures. The company opened its first business outside of Japan, Taiwan-based Rakuten Ichiba, in 2008, and then acquired in the United States ( in 2010, Priceminister in France (Rakuten France) in 2010, Tradoria in Germany (Rakuten Germany) in 2011, and then Ebates (Rakuten Rewards) in 2014. Rakuten is also the largest shareholder in Lyft and owns Viber.

Even despite Rakuten's global expansion and diversification into online media and sports partnerships, the core of its business is still deeply rooted in Japanese e-commerce. Rakuten is now a market leader and a compelling proposition for start-up brands and merchants from around the world.

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