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Allegro - the best online marketplace in Poland

Allegro is actually a single-country marketplace, with 96% of Allegro's traffic coming from Poland. Poland has a relatively small population of 38 million people and has only recently become a developed economy, but Allegro has 20 million customers and 200 million visits per month. That makes it the third largest marketplace in Europe. Compared to eBay, Allegro's traffic is equivalent to more than 50% of the traffic of fifteen European eBay sites combined.

Allegro was founded in 1999 and has been bought and sold by a number of Internet groups over the past twenty years. It is currently owned by a consortium of investor funds led by Permira. In October 2020, Allegro announced an IPO of its shares on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

Following the eBay model, Allegro is a pure-play online marketplace and does not sell merchandise itself. Today it has 117,000 sellers and 164 million offers. It is the fifteenth largest online marketplace in the world. When it comes to single-play-oriented online marketplaces, only PayPay Mall, Taobao and Flipkart are larger, and they are based in much larger Asian countries - Japan, China and India. Allegro is truly a phenomenon.

The Allegro marketplace covers everything from electronics, fashion and groceries to vehicles, art and industrial goods. A loyalty program called "Allegro Smart!" encourages repeat purchases. Financing is available to shoppers, and a number of shopping festivals (such as Amazon's Prime Day) are held throughout the year.

Allegro offers a self-registration process, but foreign companies are required to upload company registration documents. Since the market is highly competitive, sellers will have to compete on price and speed of delivery unless they have unique products that are in high demand by Polish consumers.

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