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Zalando is a block of fashion retail

Zalando was founded in 2008 in Berlin, Germany, and now sells fashion and lifestyle products throughout Europe. It has 119 million monthly visits worldwide, 94% of which come from developed European countries (excluding the UK) such as Germany, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Norway and many others.

Zalando started out as a retailer, but since 2013, following the Chinese model, has evolved into a marketplace where other brands and retailers can also sell directly to consumers. Like Amazon, Zalando puts logistics and market share ahead of profitability, with 2019 revenue of €6.5 billion and a profit margin of 3.5%. The company has six warehouses in Germany and Poland.

Businesses can sell goods on Zalando through an affiliate program. It has strict application criteria, including having an existing online presence and Instagram profile. Vendors must offer free shipping and returns, and accept returns within 100 days of purchase.

Zalando continues to innovate by partnering with physical retailers, expanding into other countries, adding new categories and opening its own stores.

As a pan-European fashion retailer that continues to grow rapidly, Zalando represents an attractive market for well-known brands selling clothing, footwear, accessories, sports and beauty products.

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