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Onliner is the most popular Belarusian marketplace is visited by millions of Belarusians to buy from the catalog, post ads, communicate on the forum, as well as read news and articles.

The largest site in the Bynet has five main sections: 

  1. technology; 
  2. auto;
  3. real estate;
  4. people;
  5. forum.

Onliner was launched in 2001 by Vitaly Shuravko, initially as a blog dedicated to cell phones and communications;

In 2003 the site was formed catalog with information about devices, sellers and prices, a little later the site was launched forum. Later the topics of the forum threads (banking, auto incidents, real estate, conflicts, finances) were used to create separate sections of the site;

Onliner was the first in Belarus to develop the direction of video reports and documentaries, choosing the topics and stories that could not be covered by state television.

Although the editors emphasize the portal's position "outside of politics", Onliner has repeatedly encountered various kinds of pressure from the Belarusian government. The portal itself has been blocked several times and has often been inaccessible to users even outside of Belarus.

According to the research company Gemius, the portal covered 52.08% of the Belarusian Internet audience in 2020.

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