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eMag - the fastest growing marketplace

Business Potential:

  • eMag is the fastest growing marketplace and market leader in Central Eastern Europe
  • € 3 billion GMV in 2020 at the eMAG Group level
  • High sustainable growth for eMAG: 40% year-on-year growth (2020)
  • Access to large sale events such as: Black Friday, - Price Revolution and Stock Busters.
  • Access to 84 million monthly visits, 24.7 million monthly unique visitors, 11.3 million monthly active customers.

For investors:

  • eMag Group is an international e-commerce company within the NASPERS Group
  • Strong European partners as co-founder of International Marketplace Network Group, together with Cdiscount, ePrice and
  • Market leadership in Southeastern Europe for the past 20 years

Opportunities for sellers:

  • Full visibility and decision making on the seller's commercial strategy on the eMAG platforms. For example, the marketplace allows you to set your own prices, allows you to dictate your shipping and return policy;
  • The possibility to enter new markets through eMAG, besides Romania: Bulgaria and Hungary;
  • In addition, the seller will be able to take advantage of the following benefits of working with World e-Com when selling on eMag:
  • Free translation of the first set of products into the local language (Romanian);
  • Listing on eMag Group platforms and full technical support
  • Customer support in Romanian and English
  • The customer's account will receive the status "Genius", which means that the delivery time of his orders to the final customers will take maximum 24 hours (this is only for sellers using Fulfilment by eMag)
  • World e-Com has a dedicated English-speaking manager from eMag to help each World e-Com customer with the successful implementation, listings and sales strategy on eMag sites
  • API, Feed or XLS integration available

Fulfilment by eMag:

  • Access to the largest warehouse in Southeast Europe (126,000 m²) owned by eMag
  • eMag is called the Romanian Amazon, because the marketplace also has its own logistics. Fulfillment by eMAG (FBE), is a single warehouse where the seller can deliver his products and the picking-delivery process to the end customers. This process is very similar to the one available on Amazon (FBA).
  • Joining the fulfillment option means that all payment methods will be available to customers, and the seller's products will be marked "Sold by (seller's name) and delivered by eMAG." This will have a positive effect on sales, as eMag is well known for its fast and guaranteed delivery.
  • As for the selection of items, eMag does not require a minimum or maximum quantity for delivery, it is up to the seller. The seller may deliver 2-3 boxes or 1-2 pallets initially.
  • The seller is responsible for shipping the product to the eMag warehouse, selecting the shipping company, and shipping.

Fulfillment by Seller is available on eMag

  • Fulfillment by Seller - delivery directly from the seller's warehouse to the customer in Romania.
  • Joining the FBS option means where customers will only be able to pay cashless, and the seller's products are marked as "Sold (seller's name) and delivered (seller's name)".
  • The seller is responsible for the delivery of goods to customers and chooses the shipping company with which to deliver.
  • The seller is responsible for shipping goods to customers and chooses the shipping company with which to deliver.
  • The only fee the seller pays is the sales commission. This commission is charged based on the net value of the prices that are sold on the site. In addition, the seller has complete control over the final prices that are displayed on the eMAG site.
  • The seller must take care to ensure that the order reaches their customer in no more than 9 days.
  • Twice a month, on the 3rd and 18th, eMAG makes payments directly to the seller's bank account, after deducting the commission owed to you for the items sold.

There are 3 types of charges when selling on eMAG:

  1. Sales commission - this commission is charged according to the total net price.
  2. Ordering fee (collection, packing and shipping) - it varies depending on the size and weight of the package of the item.
  3. Storage fee - about 6 euro/euro-pallet/month. Once the seller starts selling products, the storage fee, will become less and less as the area used for storage will become smaller and smaller. You only have to pay for the space the products take up in storage. If a seller decides to ship only one box of product, they will only pay for that box, not the entire pallet.
  • eMAG bills a sales commission twice a month. Periods 1 through 15 are billed on the 16th, and 16 through 30/31 are billed on the 1st of each month.
  • There are no other administrative expenses except for the monthly fulfillment fee, which is billed twice a month as follows:
- On the 17th of each month, Fulfillment services rendered between the 1st and 15th of the respective month are billed;
- On the 02 day of each month you will be billed for services rendered between the 16th and the last day of the previous month;

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