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Amazon adjusts shipping costs

Third-party sellers have sold more than 3.4 billion items in Amazon's European stores alone, and Amazon has added more than 130,000 new sellers.

Amazon has more than doubled the capacity of its logistics centers since the pandemic began. Amazon has invested more than 1.9 billion euros in its logistics network to protect its employees. Amazon has opened more than 250 new logistics centers, sorting centers, regional air freight hubs and delivery stations across Europe to ensure that your inventory arrives quickly and your products are delivered to your customers. Amazon has introduced more than 250 new tools for merchants in 2021, and our teams continue to innovate relentlessly. Amazon is currently working on a number of programs and services, such as Shipping through Amazon's New Inventory Program or Recovery Services (liquidation, valuation and resale). Through these, Amazon aims to help sellers expand their assortment, save costs and grow their business.

Throughout the pandemic, Amazon has actively supported sellers. Amazon has deferred and contained rate changes, reduced or eliminated fees (for example, for customer returns), and absorbed billions of dollars in increased spending. At the same time, Amazon invested enormously in personnel, technology, transportation, and infrastructure. As you've seen in the press and probably experienced for yourself, costs are rising. That's why Amazon has to adjust its fee structure this year. The fee adjustment is necessary in order to partially offset the rising ongoing operating costs.

Please see the changes to the fee structure below and the detailed fee pages in Seller Central. These changes will take effect in European Amazon stores beginning March 31, 2022, unless otherwise noted.

Shipping Fees.

Amazon is adjusting shipping costs for Amazon Local Shipping, Amazon Pan-European Shipping and European Shipping Network to offset increased shipping, shipping and customer service costs. In addition, for sellers shipping from logistics centers in Germany and not participating in the expansion of the delivery network (Central Europe program), Amazon is reducing the unit markup from €0.35 to €0.25.

To help sell goods between the EU and the UK after Brexit, Amazon is offering a 20% discount on European shipping network fees from the EU to the UK and vice versa for one year (starting March 31, 2022).

Amazon is offering an average 50% discount on Amazon Transport Partner Program fees for one year (starting April 12, 2022). This applies to domestic shipments sent to logistics centers in Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

New size and weight categories will be introduced in the shipping price list, and others will be removed to better reflect shipping costs. For small items, standard-sized items and oversized items, Amazon will use the larger unit weight or volume weight to determine the weight category when calculating shipping charges.

Amazon is increasing its return and disposal fees to compensate for the increased cost of these services. Disposal fees remain the same and are lower than recycling or return fees.

Amazon is increasing storage fees for all standard-sized items except for hazardous goods.

In addition to the current fee for long-term storage of items stored more than 365 days, Amazon is introducing a lower fee for long-term storage of items stored between 331 and 365 days. This does not include clothing, shoes, bags, luggage, watches and jewelry. Amazon recommends that sellers review their old inventory in stock and take steps to get those items out of stock before the 331 days are up.