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Europe: online sales of 120 billion euros

That marketplaces make up a large portion of e-commerce in Europe has been documented before, but with the growth of e-commerce itself, this year has also seen significant growth in the marketplaces themselves. Back this month, an Inriver study found that nearly half of all online product searches in the U.K. and Germany started with marketplaces.

50% of shoppers use marketplaces.

A recent report published by RetailX found that 50 percent of shoppers in Europe use marketplaces. In the U.K., up to 64 percent of shoppers turn first to marketplaces. Amazon accounts for a quarter of all online purchases in the U.K.

E-commerce in Europe was €396 billion in 2021.

Total e-commerce revenue in Europe is estimated at 396 billion euros in 2021. With marketplaces accounting for about half of e-commerce sales, RetailX estimates the value of European marketplaces to be in the €120 billion to €150 billion range. This is a significant increase from last year's estimate of 100 billion euros.

The market situation in Europe.

While trading venues are becoming increasingly dominant in Europe, the report shows that there are significant differences depending on the country in which they are located. In Spain, for example, the market is still dominated by mixed marketplaces, which are subsidiaries of retailers such as El Corte Inglés and The most established European marketplaces have grown in their regions, with the Dutch reaching 79 million visits per month. German company  OTTO increased revenue in 2020 by 37 percent over net retail sales in 2019.

"Allegro  is the third-largest market in Europe."

As of April of this year, Allegro's Polish marketplace was the third-largest in Europe, according to the report. With 185 million visits per month and now it is second only to Amazon and eBay. The open marketplace Wildberries in Russia is also growing, with about 149 million monthly visits. This puts it in fourth place in Europe in terms of traffic.

Top 5 most popular shopping sites

Listed below are the top 5 most popular shopping sites based on how they are used by European consumers.
E-commerce in Europe.

Germany and the UK have a very high share of marketplaces compared to ordinary merchants who do not trade online, based on the entire sample of online retail traffic. The share of retailers who become marketplaces or want to sell on marketplaces is also growing.

The Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Norway, Sweden and Slovenia are at the other end of the list, as they are all very underdeveloped in the e-commerce marketplace. Most sales in these countries are done offline.
В отчете упоминается, что Испания, Италия, Польша и в некоторой степени Франция и Португалия имеют почти 50-процентный разрыв между торговыми площадками и обычными розничными торговцами. В этих странах Amazon не занимает доминирующее положение. Allegro и Wildberries нацелены на эти рынки, потенциально скоро заполнив пустоту Amazon.

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