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Aukro Marketplace - Czech Allegro

The Czech company was launched as a trading platform by the Allegro Group in August 2003, following a similar success in Poland: the group captured more than half of the online commerce market. At first, the business in the Czech Republic grew and developed rapidly, and within a few years it was already the market leader, also due to the financial capabilities of the parent structure.

However, after the rapid growth came a period of decline, also because of the enormous competition. For example, there are now about 40,000 online stores per 10 million people in the Czech Republic (the highest per capita figure in Europe). This does not mean that anyone worked better than we did. It's just that people were buying from different sellers.

Overall, the e-commerce market in the Czech Republic is growing at an annual rate of 30%, and e-commerce turnover has reached $6 billion.

Czech e-commerce has become one of the most developed in the world due to the tremendous competition in the domestic market. Its ability to personalize and segment customers, its data manipulation and other new technologies make it possible to reach markets in other countries. The Czech e-commerce market is expected to continue to grow and the players in the segment will be more innovative in an effort to attract as many customers as possible.

Aukro has an average of 7 million visitors per month; they are the 41st most visited in the country (according to SimilarWeb).

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