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eMAG - the hub of commerce in Eastern Europe

eMAG was founded in 2001 as an online store selling computers and office supplies in Romania. It entered the Bulgarian market in 2012 and the Hungarian market in 2013, quickly gaining market share.

Today, eMAG sells all types of products, including electronics, appliances, food, fashion, home goods, toys and more. Each month eMAG is visited by 28.1 million people from its home market in Romania and almost 6 million people from Hungary and Bulgaria. With a combined population of only 36 million people, eMAG dominates e-commerce in those countries.

There are more than 20,000 sellers and 11 million products on the eMAG marketplace. It is an open (non-regulatory marketplace) Vendor registration is free, and international companies are accepted to participate. There is a vetting process for new sellers and new product listings.

Like other marketplaces, eMAG tracks seller performance and provides monthly KPI reports. An optional Account Partners program provides sales advice for about $50 a month.

eMAG has 31+ million monthly visitors in Romania, and the marketplace also has sites in Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria.

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