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Why is Jumia beating Amazon and Alibaba in Africa?

Jumia has been called the "African Amazon. It is Africa's largest e-commerce operator, surpassing Amazon and China's Alibaba, and the first African tech startup to go public on the New York Stock Exchange. Investors had high hopes for Jumia when the company went public in 2019. Now Jumia is adjusting to its new international status and figuring out what that status means for the African continent.

Jumia is Africa's largest online retailer. Sacha Poignonnek and Jeremy Hodara, former employees of McKinsey & Company, founded the company in 2012. Like Amazon and Alibaba, Jumia allows customers to purchase items such as cell phones, shoes and food online. Jumia also offers bill pay, meal delivery and cell phone plans;

China Daily, China's state-run news organization, reports that since entering the continent, Alibaba has served 4.2 million African customers through its AliExpress services.

Jumia serves 4.3 million users and 81,000 active sellers in 14 countries. Amazon is available in 11 countries on the African continent, but neither Amazon nor Alibaba had the advantage of starting in African countries. Jumia, for example, offers unique features, allowing shoppers to pay for goods on delivery.

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